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For foreign customers part 1


For foreign customers

For more information on installing air conditioners.
Very often customers ask us the question: "And if we can do to fix the AC ? " . In such cases, we will reply to them : " Yes, of course you can. But that would entail a separate installation of air conditioning - it will be your responsibility ." Simply put , competent installation of a split system - the price of durability and reliability of its operation.
To competently and professionally install the air conditioner , you need to choose a place for internal and external air conditioning units . The indoor unit must be secured so that its distance from the nearest objects were at least three meters, or a jet of cold air will bounce off objects , sensor conditioner will show that the desired temperature is reached, and the system will work automatically switching off air conditioner .
Choose a place to install the air conditioner.
Better to install air conditioning in the free wall where the air flow is evenly distributed throughout the room. Outer - unit air conditioner is most convenient place on the balcony. In this case, there is always a free service access conditioner .
In the absence of balconies should install the outdoor air conditioner unit on the outside wall of a building , it is necessary to drill holes and fix the air conditioner with brackets and bolts. Desirable to protect the outdoor unit air conditioner from icicles and rain shield.
The next step - shtroblenie walls and drilling pads for further copper pipes connecting the inner and outer air conditioner units . Sometimes it is not possible to hide the wall of communication , however , they are placed in the plastic box , and fastened to the wall.
Installation of air conditioners: professional subtlety.
To professionally install the air conditioner , you need to master the art of montage freon tubes , since the vast majority of all breakdowns are caused by air conditioning installers illiterates who failed to properly install the air conditioner . In order to install air conditioning in full compliance with all the wiring, in the use of the installer should be a set of special tools - pipe cutters , rolling , pipe benders and other tools .
Without the use of such tools is pointless to try to install air conditioning - it will simply be wasted money . The consequences of such "work" will be visible to the naked eye : it creases in copper pipes , bad flaring tubes. And very soon you will see all the signs of the fault conditioner - power reduction , freezing pipes, and eventually - the output of the air conditioner system.
Therefore it is very Heed to whom you have entrusted to install air conditioning, at least it should be a company , you take responsibility for warranty for the installation of the air conditioner. But install air conditioning and communications spend - it's not the end of the installation process .
Another important point in the installation of air conditioner - drainage device for removing moisture have concentrated . Drain hose is routed together with other utilities in the plenum box and displayed on the street. Sometimes it is withdrawn into the sewer system . And finally, in order to settle the air conditioning, it is necessary to conduct an independent power supply and allocate separate the electrical machine.
Only now we can say that we managed to finally install air conditioning. Professional installation of multi-split air conditioning systems also involves testing the entire system. For this
 http://proxolod.ru/foreign.html  air conditioner turned on and set to the mode of the test program . If everything is installed correctly , the air conditioner has to work consistently and without vibrations. In some cases, may require filling or venting of freon in the air conditioning .
As we can see , install air conditioning in the home is virtually impossible without having to not break any existing rules . Therefore, we strongly encourage you , if necessary, fix the AC access only to specialists. Just advise on the features installation of air conditioners, before purchasing them. After learning all the subtleties that accompany the installation of air conditioning needed you type, you may prefer a different configuration of the device.
In " Climate SPb" installation of air conditioners by professional team of installers .
Whatever was complicated by the installation of air conditioners - unusual layout of the room or the need to install ducts of irregular shape - our specialists will hold it as accurately and promptly . Great experience and the necessary technical knowledge allows us to carry out installation of air conditioning , so that further operation does not cause our customers nothing but the feeling of satisfaction of the acquisition .

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