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Йорк кондиционеры

Buy air conditioner YORK today can virtually forehead appliance store . It should be noted that climatic equipment York is in your face personality , prestige and excellent quality at a relatively low price. York air conditioning systems are quality HVAC equipment that is reliable and durable in terms of its operation. York air conditioners on the market today are presented fairly widely , and reviews about them are very positive . It should be noted that the air conditioning system York are among the first air conditioners worldwide. YORK International Company was founded in 1874, in the United States of America ( the city of York , Pennsylvania ) . Currently, a huge concern «YORK» is considered the largest worldwide independent developer - manufacturer of HVAC & R equipment, and equipment for air conditioning. In recent years, the composition of such a major concern , as York, includes such well-known manufacturers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, such as Gram, Frick, Stal and Sabroe. The company manufactures industrial chillers that provide cooling to minus fifty degrees, and all heating systems can heat water up to eighty degrees. Precision air temperature is maintained at this brand , as well as indoor humidity with high accuracy , and air handling units are engaged in the correct amount of fresh air. Separate directions in the company focused on the development YORK systems for ships , systems create artificial snow , and avtomatiki.Kompaniya pays great attention to service support of the equipment produced . In every country of the world today is a service center with all the equipment , as well as running various warehouse of spare parts.
Throughout her work at the international market, the company has created a YORK International conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment for more than a thousand large objects. Cassettes split systems are designed for semi-covert YORK assembly and directed to install suspended ceiling , for all that their upper part is always behind them , and the lower part of which is covered with a decorative panel - on the same level with the ceiling. Buy air conditioner York - that means buy microclimate in your house . Window air conditioners brands York are monoblock units, which are fitted into the window opening , and sometimes into the wall. In monobloc system air conditioning and ventilation all components located in the same soundproof enclosure. Monobloc air conditioning systems can be air-supply and supply-exhaust . Supply and exhaust air conditioners can be composed of a built-in heat exchanger , which is designed to save energy. Monobloc air conditioning systems have a huge number of advantages before composing air conditioning systems. There are also specialized climatic split-systems, which are designed for flush mounting . Compact design spetsiadizirovannogo indoor unit gives you the opportunity to install the air conditioner in a fairly confined space. Complete isolation of the indoor unit creates its low noise level during operation. Thus, the air conditioning system YORK are among the best in the world market .

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