пятница, 6 декабря 2013 г.

For foreign customers part 5

                                                                 For foreign customers

When you have already decided to make the purchased air conditioner models and convenient installation time , you can safely make the order. People who bought air conditioners anywhere without installation, not immune from the purchase of low-quality equipment. On the day of installation , our installation crew comes with tools and supplies and begins to work . When all works are completed, the equipment is checked , the customer accepts the job , and only gives money for installation . When installing air conditioning in two stages after the 1st stage ( outdoor unit is installed, and the inner is to preserve the customer ) , 100% more work ( shtroblenie walls, more communication , etc.) and 90% of the base installation (10% is payable upon completion of all works) .
    Trust and work only with professionals!

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