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For foreign customers part 3

This section will help you to independently and effortlessly choose a conditioner for apartment, office or cottage. Information is presented in a step by step guide on how to make the right choices and find an air conditioner that will not disappoint your expectations. http://proxolod.ru/katalog.html

What are they (the types of air conditioners ) . Choosing conditioner starts with the definition of its type. It tells about window and mobile conditioners , split systems and multi-split systems , as well as semi- conditioners - channel , and some other cluster . Discusses their advantages and disadvantages , applications , etc.
Calculate the power conditioner . The main characteristic of any air conditioner is cooling capacity . You will learn how to calculate it, and also be able to automatically do this with a "calculator" . The section also explains why the purchase and installation of a split system can not do without -out specialist on the subject.
The functions and features . After selecting the type of the air conditioner and its calculation capacity necessary to determine the required functions and features . This section tells you what power consumption and operating temperature range , why the possibility of heating or ventilation , which determines the level of noise , and much more .
Market Review . Now that you have identified the type of air conditioner , its capacity and other characteristics , it remains the most difficult - to select the hardware of a specific brand . Unlike the previous sections , we can not give precise and unambiguous recommendations. Realizing the inevitable subjectivity of ratings , we tried to classify the most popular brands of split systems for their reliability , price level , price / quality ratio and consumer functions. Here describes the two versions organization warranty repair , the timing guarantees and much more.
Principle of operation. Knowledge of the principle of split systems will help to better understand the features of their operation and maintenance.
Construction of a split system . Describe the components of indoor and outdoor units of split- household system.
Caring for air conditioning. If you have become the owner of a split system , remember that its "health" depends largely on the timely care and proper operation.
Answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you read all the previous sections , but you still have questions , try looking for answers in this section.
Catalogs and manuals . A good way to learn more about air conditioners can be a study of catalogs and instructions ..
Installation of air conditioners and prices for installation . We carry out the installation of all types of air conditioners , as well as repair and maintenance

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